Ergonomic chairs from South Korea

HARA BIKINI – anatomical chair


  • uniform distribution of pressure on the spine
  • helps to maintain correct posture
  • reduces lumbar load with independent lumbar support
  • only high-quality and environmentally-friendly materials
  • supports user weight up to 120 kg

Color: black

Upholstery Material: Mesh Fabric

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The HARAchair – BIKINI orthopedic chair will be an excellent solution for your office or home. They provide comfort, convenience and benefit in any environment.


The orthopedic back with lumbar support allows you to sit in the correct position for a long time. Even those with spinal curvature will soon be able to maintain proper posture. Due to the special anatomical structure of the product, the load on the lower back and tailbone is significantly reduced, and venous congestion of blood in the small pelvis is prevented. As a result, even after a long stay in a chair, a person will feel comfortable.











The upper back is elastically supported, while the lumbar support is fixed. This allows you to periodically stretch the lumbar spine when you lean back. The lumbar support is adjustable in height.














The BIKINI computer chair is equipped with height-adjustable armrests. They are fixed on strong metal bases to withstand even heavy loads. The distance between the armrests is also adjustable.


The orthopedic seat has a unique double base, and each part of the seat has a separate mechanism for changing the angle of inclination. If the load is not uniform, then the seat will change shape depending on the position of the user’s body. This mechanism allows you to relieve excessive loads on individual parts of the body. Blood circulation and oxygen exchange in the lower body continue uniformly and stably.

The anatomical seat helps prevent many health conditions, such as damage to the intervertebral discs, inflammation of the prostate gland, thrombosis, and hemorrhoids.







An adjustable headrest will provide a comfortable position for the head and neck. The material is soft and pleasant. Due to the anatomical structure, the neck muscles are not tense.















The mechanisms

At the base of the chair is a steel cross made of chrome steel. The shape of the cross is perfectly balanced, so the backrest can be tilted without losing the stability of the chair.

Five double wheels are used for movement. The wheels have a rubberized tread for smooth, safe movement on any type of floor.

All mechanisms and elements of the orthopedic chair are easy to use and durable. Long life is guaranteed. The maximum load on the chair is 120 kg.










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