Ergonomic chairs from South Korea


URUUS – new generation of office chairs

$620.00 $520.00

  • new generation of ergonomic chairs
  • comfortable throughout the day
  • made of environmentally-friendly materials
  • improved ergonomics
  • supports user weight up to 120 kg

Color: black

Seat Upholstery Material: Mesh Fabric

Back Upholstery Material: Elastic Membrane


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Unfortunately, people today spend too much time in an uncomfortable position at the computer. In order to solve this problem, the company HARAchair created a very comfortable orthopedic chair that will allow a person to relax even in a sitting position.

URUUS’s design is unusual but at the same time very convenient, so the user will immediately feel comfortable and ready to work.

The orthopedic chair is equipped with various functions that allow you to adjust it according to your needs.


The headrest has adjustable settings to relieve tension from the cervical spine. The headrest is made of soft and high-quality material and is easily adjustable in height and angle, which allows you to comfortably sit and work for a long time without discomfort.







The developers of this orthopedic chair created an ergonomic backrest that resembles the natural curve of a person’s back with an emphasis on the lumbar region.

It is equipped with a special mesh so that the spine does not experience discomfort and deformation. This grid, when exposed to even a small load, covers the vertebral section and fixes it. Due to the fact that the grid “hugs” the back, it takes the form of the back of a person sitting in it but at the same time does not press and does not restrict movement.

A special design to support the lumbar region protects the back from deformation during work. Because the base of the mesh backrest is hinged, when you change the position of the seatback the mesh support also changes its position and continues to support the lumbar region, which reduces the load on the lower back.








The mesh backrest also has good ventilation, allowing the back of a seated person to feel cool even on a hot day.


In its ergonomic office chairs, HARAchair provides special armrests that are mounted on reinforced steel bases. They are able to withstand even heavy loads.

Height adjustment is possible with step levels that allow you to fix the armrests in the desired position, for example to fit under a tabletop or keyboard shelf.

The armrests have oval polyurethane pads with an extended length of 30 cm. This is enough to make a person feel comfortable even in a reclining position, without losing elbow support in a dynamic swing mode.






The seat has a double anatomical base. Each part of the base has its own swivel mechanism. In case of uneven load distribution, the orthopedic chair will change its position in accordance with the position of the human body. This unique design reduces the load on the lumbar spine along with pressure on the pelvic region.





The mechanisms

The URUUS orthopedic chair is equipped with a synchro-mechanism which allows you to change the angle of the backrest and seat relative to each other. With this feature, the user can adjust the most convenient swing mode for himself – active or passive. With active swing, in order to lean back, you need to make an effort, while with passive swing, the seat back easily moves and the user has the opportunity to relax in a reclining position.








The chair is equipped with a durable steel chrome base, and also has five double wheels with a rubberized coating for complete safety on any type of flooring.

All mechanisms in this orthopedic chair are very simple, do not require special attention, and will last for many years.









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