Ergonomic chairs from South Korea

PASCAL – chair with massage effect


  • promotes maximum relaxation of the muscles of the back and neck
  • supports the body in the correct position
  • the special design of the back provides a massage effect
  • made of safe, environmentally-friendly materials
  • supports user weight up to 120 kg

Color: black

Upholstery Material: Mesh Fabric

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The PASCAL chair is a true anatomical chair with orthopedic properties. It combines comfort and functionality. The rollers built into the back can rotate, creating a light massage effect while rocking.
















In its ergonomic chairs, HARAchair provides special armrests that are mounted on reinforced steel bases. They are adjustable in height, as well as adjustable in the distance between the armrests. Made of soft polyurethane.







The chair has a unique, patented anatomical seat with a double base. Each of the two parts of the seat is mounted on a separate swivel mechanism, which is responsible for adjusting the angle of inclination. The double seat adapts to the weight of the user thanks to the pressure distribution system. It is able to change its shape when an uneven load occurs, thereby relieving stress on the spine. The anatomical seat does not exert pressure on the internal organs, and also helps to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area.

This dual seat has a positive effect on human health and helps to combat thrombosis, hemorrhoids, and prostate inflammation, all of which affect people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.







The chair is equipped with a comfortable headrest, which is adjustable in height and provides effective support for the head and neck.
















The mechanisms

The chair is equipped with an adjustable swing mechanism. This is a change in the angle of the backrest and seat relative to each other. With this mechanism, the owner can adjust the most convenient swing mode for himself – active or passive. With active swing, in order to lean back you need to make an effort, and with passive swing the back easily moves, and the user has the opportunity to relax in a reclining position.

A base made of chrome-plated steel ensures stability even at the extreme point of the backrest.


















The ergonomic chair has five double wheels with rubberized tread, which are suitable for any kind of floor.

All mechanisms are reliable and simple, and they are built to last a long time even in conditions of harsh operation (warranty period is one year with permissible dynamic load of 120 kilograms).









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