Ergonomic chairs from South Korea


DOCTOR – chair with spinal traction effect


  • effectively relaxes the spine and neck
  • the special design of the back stretches the spine
  • comfortable throughout the day
  • massage effect
  • made only from safe and environmentally-friendly materials
  • supports user weight up to 120 kg

Color: black

Upholstery Material: Mesh Fabric, Artificial Leather, and Mesh to choose from.



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The Doctor chair is a special office chair that has a unique design, orthopedic qualities and incredible durability. This office chair is made in accordance with the anatomical forms of the human body. The model has a special back that allows you to relax your spine without getting up.

This model of chair is used for long-term work at the computer. The chair restores the functions of the spine and maintains it in the correct position. Strengthening muscles, normalizing the functioning of internal organs and improving blood circulation occurs throughout the entire time spent in the chair.

The chair is designed specifically to correct posture, so people suffering from back pain may experience unpleasant sensations for several days (2-4) until the back muscles get used to the correct position.

With active swing, due to the special functions of the chair’s back, the spine is elongated. This positively affects the health of the back, especially in people over 30 years old. Regular stretching of the spine increases the distance between the intervertebral discs, preventing their damage. The chair has a special massage effect as well, which allows the muscles to relax better.


The back of the chair has a special structure, so the spine receives the necessary protection. There are two bases on which soft pillows are attached. During exercise, the product assumes the anatomical S shape of the back of a particular person. The lower back on a rigid base perfectly supports the lower back. The pillows are height adjustable.

Thanks to the swivel mount, the pillows are adapted to the body of a seated person and take an angle of inclination that will be most comfortable for him or her at the moment.

The principle of the anatomical back’s functioning is that the upper part receives a load and freely leans back, while the lower part remains in place. This produces an effective stretching of the spine and the removal of accumulated fatigue and stress.













The chair is equipped with seats made in the HARAchair laboratory. They have a double base, which improves blood circulation and reduces the load on the spine. Two independent parts of the seat easily adapt to the anatomical features of the person sitting on it.

The uniform distribution of pressure on the seat reduces blood stasis in the pelvic organs and helps prevent diseases of the genitourinary system (prostatitis, urethritis), rectum (hemorrhoids) and kidneys.













The armrests are very comfortable. They are not located on the seat, but are mounted on a special base so their width and height can be adjusted. The armrests are made of soft polyurethane. They are black in color, which perfectly emphasizes the style of the chair. The armrests are small, but the horizontal area is slightly increased to give the elbows extra support and comfort in any position.






The mechanisms 

The chair is easily adjustable in height using the lever on the right side under the seat. It is important to set the height so that the seated thighs are parallel to the floor, and the angle at the knees should be 90 degrees or more.

HARAchair anatomical chairs have a reliable and comfortable swing mechanism, so the back angle is easily adjustable.

During the operation of the product, it is important to remember that the maximum load on the chair is 120 kg.

The chair has excellent quality and a special anatomical structure. That is why a person using this chair, even after a long working day, does not feel tired. The beneficial effect is not only on the physical state but also the emotional state of the owner.









The base is made of chrome steel. This is necessary to maintain stability while tilting the seatback. Even at maximum loads, the chair will not fall over.

Five double wheels with rubberized treads allow you to comfortably move around on any type of flooring.










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